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Let’s get down to the details. Our Property Management Services include:

Marketing Of Your Property

• “For Rent” signage displayed on the property within five days of listing the property for rent, if permitted and deemed necessary.
• “For Rent” advertisements on Trademe within two days of listing. Flyers distributed in surrounding apartments.
• Viewings will be held by a professional Letting Specialist until your property is leased.
• Regular feedback provided on the marketing of your property along with any recommendations to make your property more attractive.

Qualifying Prospective Tenants

References are thoroughly checked within two days to gain a clear picture of prospective tenants’ renting history to ensure suitability and secure the tenant before they can find alternative accommodation. Credit checks through Veda will be carried out on all prospective tenants if they pass the initial screening process (except tenants newly arrived to New Zealand). The minimum rental amount will be the amount that you have agreed with Mission Property, unless we can get a higher rental. We will get the best possible market rent for the property owner.

Collection Of Rent

Leading software is used to ensure easy tracking of rental payments. Any arrears will be acted upon immediately in accordance to the Residential Tenancies Act. We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for rental arrears. You will be consulted prior to any eviction notice being served. All rent will be held in a Trust account.

Rent Payment To Owner

Rent will be deposited into your nominated back account on or before the 2nd of the month following rent collection (both fees and disbursements will be deducted from this payment). Other payment plans are available by request.

Repairs And Maintenance

We are available 24/7 days for all emergency repairs. Emergency requests will be actioned ASAP with a maximum time delay of eight hours. Non-urgent repair requests from tenants will be actioned no later than eight working days from receipt of request. You will be contacted prior to any repairs being carried out on your property if the cost is greater than the amount stipulated in your management contract (unless repairs are defined as “urgent” under the Residential Tenancies Act). We have developed beneficial relationships with preferred registered contractors to provide efficient service. We pay the going market rate for all work done and quality workmanship is guaranteed.

Council and Water Rates:

We can take care of your Auckland City Council and water rates payments if you wish. Unlike other property management companies we do not charge fees on every payment but one annual, flat fee regardless of how many payments we make on your behalf.

Real Landlord Insurance:
We offer Real Landlord Insurance to our investors. This is a comprehensive New Zealand insurance package designed with the interests of landlords and property managers in mind. The key strength of the packages is that it offers to cover against loss of rent, intentional damage or theft, loss of contents and other legal liabilities.

Tenancy Services:

We help settle tenancy disputes by attending mediations/tribunals.

Fixed Term Tenancies

One month prior to fixed tenancies expiring we will initiate the process to retain good tenants at the current market rental. We will begin marketing your property if the tenant does not wish to stay; we aim to have a zero vacancy period between tenants.

Property Inspections

We carry out a full inspection of the property when the tenant moves in and again when they leave. Both the property manager and tenants need to sign the entry details report, which accurately describes the property’s condition and existing problems.
We undertake the first routine inspection two months after tenants move in. Subsequently, once every four months, we will conduct a routine inspection and prepare a report. A report of any repairs will be forwarded to you in your monthly statements.

Vacating Tenant

Upon receipt of a notice of intention to vacate by the tenant we will begin marketing your property to attract replacement tenants to minimise any vacant period. You will be immediately notified of any vacancy notice received. A final inspection will be conducted to assess whether any damage has occurred. If so, this will be promptly fixed and an application made to have deductions from the tenants’ bond in order to pay for this work.
Complaints from tenants must be received in writing, which will be acknowledged and responded to in writing within one working day. We aim to arrive at a satisfactory outcome for both parties. We understand that a happy tenant is far less likely to default in rent payments.

Professional Standards

We will provide the highest levels of service and will act honestly and with integrity. We will comply with the Code of Ethics of the Real Estate Agents Authority.


We stand behind the above statements. If we are found not to comply, your next one-month management fee will be free. Limitations to this guarantee include unique circumstances like natural disasters or large events occurring - such as a building fire or large power outage.

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Mission Property’s guarantee means we stand by our services, every step of the way. Two heads are better than one. Let’s chat about the ways Mission can help you manage your rental property. Contact our team today.

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