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Popular properties in sought-after locations around Auckland mean tenants can be up against a lot of competition when looking for the perfect rental home.
Here are some tips to help tenants secure the house they want:

Auckland is growing fast. This means we can sometimes receive several tenancy applications for the same property. To maximise your chances of being selected please read this section carefully…
  • Looking for a new rental property?

    Make a list! Before you start looking, make a list of what’s important to you in a rental property. For example, how many bedrooms do you need? Is school zone important? Making a list of the essentials saves you time when you’re researching and out and about.

  • Our Tenant Services

    We know how stressful moving can be. Take the hassle out of the process and organise your tenancy through a safe, professional property management company. We know the law, your rights and we’ll stand by you with great advice and support.

  • Tenant FAQs

    Find out what Mission Property can do for you by reading Our Tenant Services. Still have a question? Read the list of frequently asked questions below. Or feel free to contact us directly

  • Tenant Request and Download Forms

    We are on a mission to take the hassle out of looking for a property to rent. Download these handy forms when you need them:

get in contact for
professional, confidential advice

We know how stressful searching for a new rental can be. There’s plenty of pressure on tenants in Auckland’s competitive property market. Take a look through our property listings and get in contact for professional, confidential advice.