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We’ll make your experience as seamless as possible no matter what stage you are in when signing up. Depending on whether your property is empty, tenanted without a property manager or is tenanted with a current property manager  there are various steps following the signing of the property manager authority form that we will take to ensure this process is successful. Our full management services for each stage includes collecting rent, lodging bonds, arranging maintenance requirements, regular inspections, attending tenancy tribunals, paying the watercare bill/ body corp fee/ city council rates and transparent communication throughout the whole process.

Here is a breakdown of what to expect when joining mission at each of these phases:

1. New Owner, Empty Property:

We will provide a fully entry inspection, arrange the healthy home assessment, meth test and begin arrangements to get new tenants signed up, including full management services discussed above.

2. New Owner, Tenanted Property, No Property Manager

After signing the property manager authority form with us, we will file the change of landlord form, provide all documents to an allocated property manager who will then contact the tenants and confirm full management services are in place.

3. New Owner, Tenanted Property, 3rd Party Property Manager

Signing the property manager form leads to a newly assigned property manager at Mission to contact the current agent to take over current documents and commence Mission management services.

We believe the Mission process is what your property deserves.

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