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Our mission is to provide a seamless and honourable property management experience. To do this, we strive to be reliable, caring, efficient and professional throughout our range of services. Being a boutique property management firm allows us to be specialised, and personable, both qualities we truly value.

A thorough, in-depth understanding of property regulations and in particular the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) is essential in New Zealand’s constantly changing property market. Mission works hard to consistently communicate, help customers avoid costly, stressful and time-consuming problems and save you money in the long run.

Our Difference

Your property, our priority. Collectively, the Mission Property team has over 15 years of experience to base their credible reputation off, as well as numerous outstanding reviews.You can trust our top of the market services.

By allocating time to personally train staff inline with the team’s professional ethics and mission, there has been a wealth of knowledge applied towards analysing the market, market trends, rental regulations and the Tenancy Act. Understanding that strong and transparent communication is key to building a large clientbase, generating low vacancy rates and allocating a full time letting specialist to focus on dealing with tenants only puts us a level up and encourages the team to work together to dominate the competitive market.

Ready to optimise your investment?

Mission Property Management wants to make your investment journey a truly memorable and seamless experience. A complete property management service.