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No matter how many properties you own, what do you look for most in a property manager? With Mission, you would be avoiding costly mistakes, saving time, and minimising stress with property management services that can be trusted. Our tailored services aim to achieve the best results for landlords and their investment.

  • Maximise Your Investment

    Thorough market research, analysing market trends, dedicated and hard working managers are a few ways we work towards maximising return on investments. Maximise rewards, minimise stress.

  • Quality Communication

    We pride ourselves in offering full time, transparent and honest communications by satisfying various requests from landlords and tenants.

  • Maintenance Assistance

    We cater to all maintenance problems at all hours of the day, including weekends and holidays. Service customers can rely on.

  • International Solutions

    New Zealand law requires landlords who are based outside of NZ for more than three weeks at a time need to appoint a property management agent. Failing to do so results in fines of up to NZD$1,000.00. We frequently work with international landlords to eliminate any risk of this unwanted cost.

  • Sourcing Tenants

    Mission conducts a strict tenant selection process including requiring proof of income, valid photo identification, credit card ratings, landlord reference checks and regularly reviewing the ‘discredited tenant’ database. We lodge tenants’ bonds in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) 1986.

  • Happy Tenants, Happy Owners

    Mission aims to keep valuable tenants for as long as possible with an organised process of renewing leases when required. In the event of a terminated tenant agreement, we will make sure it is in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) 1986.

  • Problem Solving

    Unfortunately, problems with tenants may arise. Fortunately, Mission has a thorough understanding of the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) if a case resulted in a Tenancy Tribunal hearing. Trust our expert knowledge and avoid the risk of facing a lengthy, costly case alone by working with our experts to professionally solve the problem.

  • Debt Collection

    We mitigate problematic tenants and ensure rent payments or any outstanding debts are collected in a professional, efficient manner. We also offer administration and risk management advice.

  • Regular Inspections

    We conduct comprehensive inspections of properties to ensure they are well kept and maintain a high quality standard of living. Our detailed inspection reports also provide excellent evidence to settle any potential disputes at a Tenancy Tribunal case.

  • Credibility

    As a leading property management company, we’ve grown a substantial database to assist us with marketing opportunities when taking on the exciting challenge of filling a new property or replacing tenants. We attract the type of individuals and businesses we believe our brand represents and that your property is worth.

  • Team Training

    Mission Property recruits, teaches, and promotes professional property specialists who are experienced in managing properties, landlords and tenants in a respectful manner. They understand assignments, resolve issues and prioritise owners interests.

  • Landlord Access 24/7

    Owners can see their monthly statements, year-end statements, transactions, invoices and any external documents like inspection reports that Mission property have uploaded.

Ready to optimise your investment?

Mission Property Management wants to make your investment journey a truly memorable and seamless experience. A complete property management service.